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Maria Pillon, Director of Education, a leader in the field of Esthetics for 35+ years in Esthetics, Body Therapy & Electrologist, International CIDESCO and Beauty Council Western Canada Examiner in Vancouver, Canada.

Maria is dedicated to the development of the finest Online Training, committed in helping students from all over the world, to work towards achieving their professional goals through theory and hands-on practical skills instruction as well as professional development. Preparing students confidence to succeed in an increasingly competitive profession. 


Aglaia Esthetics Online

Aglaia Esthetics Online is committed to excellence, to enhance confidence through extraordinary training.  

Seriously consider the unique benefits through Aglaia Esthetics Distance Learning has to offer you through innovative and progressive training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each module has 20 lessons, which includes assignments, quizzes and practical cases studies. We require at least a minimum of one lesson completed per week, which it will take 5 months to complete the module, however, if you complete 2 lessons per week, it will cut the length of your studies in half. It will depend how much time you have available for your studies. We advice at least 8 to 10 hours per week.

You will have more than enough knowledge and acquired confidence in your new learnt skills, that you will be self assured and able to provide service for the public.

While completing your theory section(s) you will be studying from the e-book(s) provided by Aglaia, completing quizzes, tests and research assignments, in addition, you will receive many videos for your practical applications to complete your practical case studies. At the completion on each module, you will be required to complete an intensive day of  hands-on practical for each module completed, either in your home town or in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 

Additionally the student will partake a virtual (on Zoom) final theory and practical examination with the Canadian to become a certified esthetician.

Most of our online students are International. Through the DVDs you will learn all the practical skills in detail since they closely follow the study outline and the textbook. However, at the end of your theory module, if you wish to achieve your diploma level, which is a requirements for most Provinces and States, you will be required to complete a 6 days hands on practical  review in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and a final examination.

What is great about our online training, is that it is very flexible, designed to meet your unique needs and we have scheduled 4 start dates: January, April, July and October of every year.  You can take more time to master a lesson you find more challenging, and progress quickly through the material  you understand more easily. The time frame to complete each module is 4 months, however if you need additional time, you can request it by writing.

When you register for your first module, we will email you the first e-textbook, videos and and study outline. For the materials and tools we will send you a list of items for you to purchase from beauty suppliers.

Aglaia Esthetics takes great pride in providing our students with the most up to date knowledge through e-books, videos and equipment. All modules mentioned previously may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies.

At the completion on your training you will be fully qualified, will be able to complete the BeautyCouncil Examination, which you will can transfer your education and certification to your Province or State and proceed with your final License Examination.

Every Province or State will have specific requirements or laws that you must follow and abide. Aglaia Esthetics will fully prepare you in your chosen vocation, however, it is not intended as a substitute for licensing, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training, as required by law.  

Aglaia’s pricing is straightforward. You pay as you go, one module at the time and the practical residency is paid 2 weeks prior to the scheduled training. All tuitions fee includes everything you need to graduate (with exception of your practical materials listed in the Standards of Professionalism, ask for a copy), no fine print, no hidden charges !  Our Pay As You Go policy allows students to pay for only the registered course. This gives the student the flexibility to complete the course at their own pace and makes the tuition manageable and affordable. All tuition is subject to change without notice.

Simply put, the theory section does not include practical training skill components. Students must complete the theory section(s) prior the practical training section(s).


  1. All text material – mailed on Course Registration
  2. Quizzes and Exams – mailed on Course Registration
  3. Administration of registration and quiz/exam grading
  4. Instructor online and email access
  5. All practical instruction (in practical section)
  6. Course Certification / Diploma



  1. Postage for submission of tests and exams
  2. Internet Access fees
  3. Subscriptions (if any) to online chat programs
  4. Long Distance Telephone access and charges
  5. Uniforms
  6. See List of Material required for practical residency
  7. Exam expenses and Student Application

Theory Section – At the end of each chapter, quizzes and assignments will be completed by the student and sent back to the for grading. These quizzes can be submitted at anytime through the course. Once all quizzes have been received and graded with passing grades (70%), a closed book final exam will be sent to the student for completion and submission. Upon successful completion of exam (70%), results will be issued for that module.

Practical Section – To obtain a Diploma in the Distance Learning Course, the student must complete an intensive practical training. Students will need to budget living expenses while completing training.

These courses are available to everyone interested in the beauty industry. All registrants must have completed High School or GED’s and must be 19 years or older.

Yes, your instructor or facilitator can be contacted by phone, texting, email or online chat (WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom) during specific times that will benefit the student, to answer any questions you have and clarify any part of the curriculum.

Your facilitator has the responsibility of working with your abilities. We do not expect you to know everything right away. He or she is there to help you with any problems you may have, and to encourage you in the process of developing your skills.

During the theory sections of the training absolutely not. These courses are designed to meet your time requirements and your needs. You can choose your study time and there is no pressure for you to allocate more time than you can put in into your timetable. However, if you wish to complete the hands-on practical section (s) to achieve your DIPLOMA level, you will be required to take few days leave of absence from work to complete the practical training and exams.

In some cases, the answer is yes. The fee payments can be divided into smaller payments, we give consideration to any special circumstances and each case is dealt with on its own needs.

After you review all the information carefully, the next step is to complete the placement test that we will send you through an email. Complete it and send it back to us. If you score 70 % or above, we will email you the enrolment form and the standards of professionalism. As soon we receive your tuition, we will mail you your first ebook, studyoutline and videos.

It is that simple and you are on your way to a rewarding career and a brighter future today!